Consortium for Learning Innovation

Consortium for Advancing Adult Learning & Development

Consortium for Learning Innovation

About our work

The Consortium for Advancing Adult Learning & Development (CAALD) is a new interdisciplinary network of leading thinkers and doers drawn together by the possibility of re-imagining how businesses and society approach adult learning and growth—from workplace training to workforce re-skilling, higher ed to ed tech. Its 30-plus participants include corporate and nonprofit leaders, academic researchers in the fields of psychology and neuroscience, technology innovators, and other experts, convened by McKinsey & Company. 

Putting lifelong learning on the CEO agenda

In an open letter to business leaders, CAALD members Amy Edmondson of Harvard Business School and Bror Saxberg of Chan Zuckerberg Initiative present an emphatic case to make learning a corporate priority.

Learning innovation in the digital age

As the workplace changes, so must education and training. Exciting experiments are under way—but are they enough?

Getting ready for the future of work

Artificial intelligence is poised to disrupt the workplace. What will the company of the future look like—and how will people keep up?

Wellness at work: The promise and pitfalls

It takes more than a discounted health-club membership to move the needle on employee well-being.

Our mission is to ensure that all adults continue to grow and develop throughout their lifetimes, so they can have productive and rewarding lives and work.

Past convenings

Since 2016, we have gathered annually to share ideas, debate perspectives, and ultimately develop new points of view that will influence and advance the most important issues related to lifelong learning. In the coming months and years, we hope to play an even greater role in shaping how the world thinks about and approaches learning from early adulthood through the end of life.

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