Periscope is an integrated suite of Solutions designed to deliver sustainable 2-7% ROS improvement
through better pricing, promotions, assortment, and performance management            

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The Periscope Vision modules provide clients accurate insights into competitors pricing, promotion and assortment strategies, enabling fact-based decisions and enhanced performance management. Vision employs powerful, easy-to-use analytic and performance management tools to produce the clarity needed to achieve sustainable price and revenue improvements.


The Periscope Advisor modules use advanced analytical algorithms to deliver specific, actionable recommendations to clients. These offerings generate precise guidance and enable easy execution of specific actions in the areas of price setting and optimization, promotional investment, and category management.


Periscope University builds critical knowledge and capabilities within client organizations, empowering them to create self-sustaining programs of excellence around pricing and revenue management. The group of offerings is delivered through a mix of online and in-person models and includes a testing and certification program.

Why choose Periscope

McKinsey’s Periscope suite of software-enabled business Solutions brings together McKinsey's proven methodologies developed through work

with leading companies globally, specialized expertise in pricing and change management, and advanced proprietary analytics enterprise software

systems. Periscope helps companies identify, capture, and sustain strategic opportunities through continued access to advanced analytics and data.

Which Solutions are right for me?

My company sells products and services to other businesses

My company sells products and services for consumers

My company sells banking products

Periscope Market Vision

Delivering competitive advantage

Performance Vision for Banking

Optimize discounts in retail banks