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Macroeconomic content

Flexible access to robust proprietary macroeconomic data

  • Granularity: Provides historical and forecast data at a national or city level collated annually (from 1995 to 2025). 815 cities included in Insight China's macroeconomic profiles (compared with 663 cities in the National Bureau of Statistics)
  • Completeness: Uses econometric techniques to provide "clean" data collected from 1995 to the present day; data and forecasts for 815 cities including 156 unofficial cities
  • Reliability: Source and methodology reliability model based on a 30,000 equation forecast for each city and checked through backcasting and city visits
  • Comparability: Provides transparency on China's economy and its inhabitants through applying consistent definitions to all indicators (e.g., population, GDP, income, and consumption)
  • Current: Content is updated every 6 months to ensure that the latest view of China's economy is available at all times

Consumer content

Flexible access to rich proprietary consumer data, forecasts, and reliable statistics across sectors based on in-depth McKinsey research (updated annually)

  • Granularity: Provides access to in -depth longitudinal (since 2005) studies on consumer attitudes, behaviors, and preferences
  • Breadth: Covers a wide range of industries, e.g., consumer electronics and household electric appliances, food and beverages, home and personal care, healthcare, apparel, automotive, and housing and over 100 product categories, e.g., digital cameras, tea, running shoes
  • Completeness: Covers top brand data across 32 selected categories that account for over 60-70% of their product category. Information is available at brand level e.g., brand perception, brand funnel etc.
  • Reliable methodology: data is based on the largest proprietary consumer survey carried out annually by McKinsey experts, covering 15,000 consumers in 49 cities across all regions & tiers
  • Proprietary consumer panel with an extensive reach: provides flexible access to 13,000 consumers (12,000 mainstream and 1,000 wealthy consumers pre-profiled)

Category level coverage

Online decision support

Users of Insights China benefit from an intuitive online interface, enabling them to find and extract relevant information quickly and gain pivotal business insights on markets and consumers in China. Key features of the online interface include:

Structured problem solving: From business questions to insights

  • Analyses are logically organized to help users rapidly solve key business issues
  • Select the relevant business issue to be guided through a unique problem-solving process involving a series of questions and the analysis required at each stage of the process

Interactive analytics: Quickly extract analyses and insights

  • Outcomes of an analysis are presented in McKinsey format charts, allowing users to generate insights within a short time frame
  • Analytical outcomes can be modified by selecting various filter options (e.g., compare, filter or advanced filter), allowing users to focus their analysis on specific drivers

Forecast and historical information: Access and export data down to city level

  • Provides direct access to city-level data for advanced analysis offline
  • Allows forecast and historical data to be extracted and exported into Microsoft Excel
  • Allows users to select multiple cities and drivers for comparison and to extrapolate trends

Powerful search function: Rapidly retrieve information on related topics

  • By selecting the search option, users can browse related topics throughout the database
  • Allows users to target their search and refine results by specifying where the keywords appear (e.g., in business questions, charts, or indexes)


Engage with dedicated experts for advice and support

Macroeconomic Consumer

Quarterly forums & workshops

Face-to face events in Beijing or Shanghai

Senior executive seminars: "China's Digital Consumers," March 2010

The 13th & 14th forum sessions : "Emerging Chinese Landscape," June 2010

The 11th & 12th forum sessions : "Role of Chinese Operations in Global Business," March 2010

The 9th & 10th forum sessions : "Consumer insights in China," December 2009

The 7th & 8th forum sessions : "Digital Marketing," September 2009

The 5th & 6th forum sessions : "Growth," June 2009

The 3rd & 4th forum sessions : "Marketing ROI," March 2009

The 1st & 2nd forum sessions : "Global Crisis," November 2008

If you lead marketing for your local China organization, please contact us for more information on future events.