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  • Periscope

    Improves return on sales through better pricing, promotions, assortment, and performance management

  • Organizational Health Index

    Identifies the organizational drivers of business performance

  • ClickFox

    Maps customer journeys visually to improve satisfaction, build revenue, and lower costs

  • Horizon360

    Improves IT performance through a modular program of assessment, transformation, and continuous monitoring

  • Wave

    Provides a single, transparent way to track and measure your transformation change programs

  • Energy Insights

    Brings certainty to decision-making for energy players

  • Finalta

    Helps banks and insurers achieve superior performance through benchmarking and best-practice insights

  • MineLens

    Provides the insight to unlock value in your mining operations

  • P360

    Improves performance for call centers, back offices, and IT centers

  • Insights China

    Supports effective strategic decisions on Chinese markets through expertise, analytics, and reliable proprietary data

  • MAHA

    Helps healthcare payors and policy makers identify and seize opportunities for profitable growth

  • Objective Health

    Supports community hospitals and small regional systems to improve their cost performance and strategy

  • Ingenuity

    Delivers impact for insurers through advanced analytical solutions

  • Panorama

    Reveal the best strategic opportunities in global banking markets

  • Performance Lens

    Provides fact-based, actionable insights to improve asset managers' business performance

  • Marketing Navigator

    Increases marketing return-on-investment through better branding and marketing investment allocation decisions

McKinsey Solutions Blog

In this video blog, Nicolas Magnette (Solution General Manager at Periscope) shares his experience in working with companies on the complex topic of setting the right targets when working through pricing transformations - and tracking those targets to see if they are actually being achieved. Nicolas discusses three critical factors that need to be addressed early on for successful pricing transformations..... read more

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